Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More "Pass it to see it" News

■ ObamaCare© sets up a new entitlement for early retirees: the program, designed to subsidize groups with generous retiree benefits (hello: another union payoff!) with $5 Billion paid to employers to help defray costs not just for retirees, but their spouses and even dependents (including, of course, those 26 year old "kids.")

Ceridian reports that our CongressCritters are mulling yet another extension of the so-called COBRA subsidy (i.e. hidden tax); the current program is scheduled to sail off into the sunset next Monday (the 31st). It's still pending, so who knows.

■ HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious has fired back at Virginia's heroic efforts to fight ObamaCare©. She's relying on two arguments, neither of which strike me (a proud non-lawyer) as compelling: first, that the state (the State!) of Virginia has no legal standing to challenge the train-wreck. The second prong is that citizens of Virginia are also citizens of the United States [ed: d'unh!].

The former argument fails to consider that, if a state has no standing to challenge Federal over-reach in blatant disregard of the 10th Amendment, then who does? Anyone? Bueller?

The latter seems silly on its face: if a citizen of Virginia doesn't agree with a particular law, then that citizen is free to a) vote with his/her feet or b) run for office and change it (there may be other remedies, too, such as a voter initiative effort).

I have little doubt that we'll see similar responses to the suits brought by the other 19 states.
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