Friday, April 30, 2010

Top 50: IB Admin?

Not sure how we made this list, but we're really quite flattered:

"A career as a hospital administrator is exciting, fulfilling and demanding. The hospital administrator, like the doctor or nurse, plays a huge role in saving people’s lives, but the administrator doesn’t need a scalpel. You might discover from the current blogs listed below that hospital administrators assist their medical staffs, have a hand in local publicity, technical issues and usually has a broad knowledge about health care business, policy and law. These top 50 health administration blogs provide resources for those topics."

And there we are, under the Health Insurance and Disease Management Blogs category. We're in august company, as well: Jaan Sidorov's Disease Management Care Blog and Julie Ferguson's Workers’ Comp Insider also made this list.

Thanks to Bill for the heads' up!
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