Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stupid Blogging Tricks‏

This one is so jaw-droppingly insipid that I had to wash out my eyes:

Corporate Hall of Shame Award ... Angela Braly, president and CEO of health insurer WellPoint, got a nice bonus that raised her salary to $13.1 million from $8.7 million the year before.”

Exactly why is this shameful?

An executive serves at the pleasure of his or her board; if he or she isn't doing the job well, then they're gone. Rewarding people for doing their job well is called "capitalism," and it is by far the most successful economic system in the world.

By way of contrast, Alex Rodriguez made $231 million last year. Is that "shameful?"

Brad Pitt gets paid $30 million to act in a movie. Is that "shameful?"

Lady Gaga makes millions of dollars to sign and strut. Is that "shameful?"

Ms Braley (while not my favorite person in the world) makes what she makes because WP stakeholders think she's worth it. Or does Dr Brayer just have a problem with a woman executive making that much money?
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