Wednesday, April 28, 2010

About that "You can Keep your Current Insurance" Promise

Yeah, well, not so much:

As with so much of ObamaCare©, this one's going under the bus, as well. Recently, I pointed out that savvy folks will avoid buying major medical insurance altogether, opting instead for the much less expensive "penalty" (i.e. "tax"), secure in the knowledge that they can easily pick up coverage later. As Bob points out, though, these folks need to be aware that the ObamaPool may not be open to them at that time (or it may be, who knows). Regardless, Corporate America has already reached the same conclusion:

"The president didn't have to actually strong-arm companies into dumping their employee health insurance because his bill carried financial incentives to virtually guarantee that result ... like AT&T found out, paying $600 million in penalties will allow you to stop paying $2.4 billion for insurance."

Quite so. It seems to me that this is likely by design: what quicker way could there be to a so-called "Single Payer" (i.e. Government-run) system?

Maybe it's just TPC (The Phone Companies), because Verizon has also seen the light:

"To avoid additional costs and regulations, employers may consider exiting the employer health market and send employees" to state-run insurance exchanges."


[Hat Tip: PowerLine]
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