Friday, March 12, 2010

Preference Cascades and Obamacare

Preference cascade: "in which people who have been obliged to conceal their true beliefs by social pressure or sheer force suddenly discover that a lot of other people feel the same way." For example: "everyone knows that x is our only real choice," until one learns that other folks have expressed a preference for "y.' It's really an extension of group-think or peer-pressure; we don't want to be "different" because we believe that everyone else thinks a certain way. Sometimes, though, other folks do agree with us, but we don't realize it.

What happens when that assumption is challenged? Debunked?

Well, then, we are liberated from this misconception and feel free to express our own, real opinion. When we begin to understand that we are not alone in our beliefs, and feel free to speak our minds without fear that we're the lone voice:

"At least 25 House Democrats will reject the healthcare reform legislation, according to a survey by The Hill, a review of other media reports and interviews with lawmakers, aides and lobbyists."

Is this "the end" of ObamaCare?


But it is probably the beginning of the end.
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