Monday, March 22, 2010

ObamaCare Passes: So Now What?

Comedian Bill Bauer presciently - and sardonically - observed that "we have a winner." The victors in yesterday's historic, and pyrrhic, victory would be wise to remember that the new law of the land does nothing to curb runaway health care costs, except (perhaps) in the breach. For now, taxes and insurance premiums will rise, and essential services for our seniors will begin to evaporate. And those in dire health straits will not see a quick nor marked improvement in their care.

Had the bill(s) been about health care (not health insurance), then we would have seen consumer-centric products such as HSA's promoted, not gutted. We would have seen tort reform enacted, so that defensive medicine didn't continue to to so adversely impact health care and health insurance costs.

Time will tell, of course: the political blogs are abuzz with all the various options still open to those opposed to the destruction of the world's best health care system. We'll continue to concentrate on the insurance and health care issues for which we've become known, looking to the systems employed by our Neighbors to the North© and the MVNHS© for advanced warnings.
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