Monday, March 15, 2010

Last, Desperate Measures?

Are we witnessing the death-throes of ObamaCare? Perhaps:

"Still seeking votes for his proposed health care overhaul, President Barack Obama appears ready to reverse his position and allow unpopular deal-sweetening measures in the hopes of finding Democratic support for legislation whose future will be decided in coming days."

"Deal-sweeteners" include "CornHustler" schemes that "could affect more than one state," the unconstitutional Individual Mandate, and premium subsidies for "poor and middle-income Americans."

None of these sound like strategies that would be understaken by folks who believe they actually have the votes to pass this monstrosity; rather, they appear to be a last-ditch effort to keep it alive.

And then there's this:

"The House Budget Committee on Sunday evening released text that will serve as the base legislation for the changes the House will seek to the Senate bill this week."

Interesting verbiage, that: "text that will serve as the base legislation."

So, technically, it's not "a bill" at all, but a roadmap. As we've seen from this excercise in futility, er, "transparency," it appears (although it's far from certain) that they've given up on the "Slaughter House Rule."

This is obviously meant as comic relief:

"The House is expected to approve the Senate's healthcare bill along with the package of changes. The Senate would then be expected to approve the package of changes under budget reconciliation rules."

Um, no they won't.

What's next?
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