Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Insurers Save ObamaCare© From Itself

As we recently observed, the "pass-anything-now" crowd managed to screw up one of the simpler components of ObamaCare©; that is, by failing to distinguish between those who are insured and those who are not, the effort left potentially thousands of children without access to guaranteed eligibility for insurance.

And so the "big, bad insurance industry," in the form of the AHIP (Association of Health Insurance Plans), has stepped up, and vowed to fix that loophole for the President and his minions:

"(I)nsurers will accept new regulations to dispel uncertainty over a much-publicized guarantee that children with medical problems can get coverage starting this year."

This is clearly a favor to HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious, because it saves her (and her staff) the embarrassment of trying to fix a brand spanking new initiative. While I disagree with AHIP's position (and hope that at least one or two carriers demonstrate enough spine to follow the letter of the law), I'm impressed that they're at least trying to what they (mistakenly) believe is "the right thing."
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