Thursday, March 11, 2010

Barack O'Carter Praises Cuban Health Care System

Former prez Jimmy Carter in a speech at the University of Havana pimped the Cuban health care system by declaring the following.

“My nation is hardly perfect in human rights. A very large number of our citizens are incarcerated in prison, and there is little doubt that the death penalty is imposed most harshly on those who are poor, black, or mentally ill. For more than a quarter century, we have struggled unsuccessfully to guarantee the basic right of universal health care for our people. …but Cuba has superb systems of health care and universal education.”

And this guy wasn't even running for public office or making a movie!

Of course Carter is not the only one to be misled about the status of Cuba's health care system. Notables in the main stream media have also praised their system including Peter Jennings (ABC, 1989), Barbara Walters (ABC, 2002) and Katie Couric (NBC, 1992).

Contrary to the above “news analysts” and Human Rights spokespersons, Cubans have a drastically different story to tell. And even more unluckily for Castro and his MSM auxiliaries, the internet has pulled a stunning and (to them) infuriating end run around his traditional MSM defenses. Word is getting out about the disastrous state of Cuban health care.

During that cold snap in mid-January, Cuban dissidents snuck out, via internet, a report claiming that over forty patients had somehow frozen to death in Cuba’s Mazorra mental hospital — not far from the one featured in Michael Moore’s paean to Cuban health care, Sicko.

It appears the media and others have twisted the truth about universal health care in Cuba. Just 90 miles north of Cuba is where the truly greatest health care system in the world resides. Of course if you listen to politicians, nothing could be further from the truth.
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