Wednesday, February 03, 2010

PSA: Toyota Owners' Alert [UPDATED]

While not strictly insurance related, folks whose Toyotas are affected by the recent recall are being urged not to drive them until they've been corrected:

"Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told lawmakers Wednesday that Toyota owners should stop driving cars affected by the recall and bring them back to the company."

This seems to me a pretty simple risk:benefit calculation (although it remains unclear how one is supposed to avoid driving a car and yet still deliver it to the dealer for service).

UPDATE (via Michelle Malkin): Secretary LaHood has now "walked back" his previous advice, explaining that "“What I said ... was obviously a misstatement ... My advice is if you have one of these vehicles, if you are in doubt, take it to the dealership today.”

Oh, well, never mind.

Ms Malkin also makes an important point about the inherent conflict of interest between a (largely) successful car company (Toyota) and those which the gummint now owns (GM, Chrysler). In fact, it is to Mr LaHood's advantage that Toyota's current problems may cause a decline in their fortunes; surely GM and Chrysler would benefit from a Toyota sales slump.

Which brings us to the larger point: a private sector company can not compete with the government. This is a lesson that must not be lost on those who continue to believe that a gummint-run health care system can coexist with a private sector one.
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