Sunday, February 28, 2010

679 Thousand Die Due to Lack of Cable TV

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We at InsureBlog estimate roughly 679,354 people died needlessly last year due to lack of access to cable or satellite TV. This is an appalling number and we are calling on Congress to do something to fix our broken television system.

Our study comes on the heels of a report by the NY Times which states that 22,000 people died in 2006 due to lack of health insurance.

So how did we arrive at our numbers?

The same way the "reporter" at the NY Times did.

The CDC reported that 2,426,264 people died in 2009. estimates 67% of the population have cable TV and Direct TV reported 16 million subscribers or roughly 5% of the population.

Therefore, 72% of the population have cable or satellite TV while the remaining 28% suffer from lack of access to adequate television viewing.

Using the same kind of logic as the NY Times, we must assume that of the 2.4 million who died last year, roughly 1.7 million had cable or satellite TV leaving almost 680 thousand who died because they did not have access to full TV viewing.

We are calling on Congress to investigate the profits of the greedy cable & satellite company's and demand an explanation for their actions. How many lives could have been saved if everyone had the ability to watch unlimited TV without restriction?

It is clearly time to reform the way TV is delivered to the American public. The wealthiest nation on earth can send a man to the moon but cannot find a way to provide universal TV to its' citizens.

In 2008, roughly 46 million people in the United States lacked health insurance, according to the Census Bureau. The new report estimates that currently 68 adults under age 65 die every day because they don’t have (health insurance) coverage.

Compare this to over 1,860 who die every day because they do not have cable or satellite TV.

Clearly it is time to refocus our efforts on the REAL problem which is lack of access to universal TV. Wake up America. Cable and satellite TV can and will save lives.
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