Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Herr Gruber: "I Know Nussing!"

There's an old adage in crime-solving: "Follow the money." The ancient Romans put it even more succinctly: "Cui bono," who benefits?

When it comes to health care "reform," we know quite well who doesn't benefit: the American people. But not, apparently, all Americans:

"The White House is placing a giant collective bet on Gruber's "assumptions" to justify key portions of the Senate bill such as the "Cadillac tax," which they allowed people to believe was independent verification. Now that we know that Gruber's work was not that of an independent analyst but rather work performed as a contractor to the White House and paid for by taxpayers..."

Please note that this indictment comes not from some right-wing, ultra-conservative source, but from uber-leftist Jane Hamsher, writing at the proto-liberal Huffington Post. She painstakingly documents a "peer review" process that would make the ClimateGate perpetrators blush. In short, the Obamastration's minions have been touting Dr Gruber's "analysis" of costs under ObamaCare as the work of a disinterested, independent third party, rather than the paid political hack that he actually is.

And, of course, old media readily lapped it up.

This morning, I had the pleasure of being interviewed (again) by Jenny Gold of Kaiser Health News. The focus of the interview [ed: link when available] was about the impact of the proposed tax on mandate-driven health insurance plans (I reject the nonsensical term "Cadillac plans"). I explained to Jenny why it would drive small businesses to shed their group insurance plans, and how it would actually affect plans not specifically subject to the tax.

This latest information underscores the disingenuous nature of those pushing for the tax, and reveals a stunningly cynical White House. I'd add "hypocritical" as well, but it's obvious that this whole exercise is very much in keeping with how stupid our leaders really believe us to be.

For them, this kind of fraud is a feature, not a bug.

[Hat Tip: Ace of Spades]
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