Monday, January 04, 2010

Carrier Update: Southwest Ohio Edition

Back in November, we alerted readers to a potential network-related issue here in the Dayton area. Medical Mutual's contract with Premier Health (one of the area's larger provider networks) had expired, and talks had broken down (as they will). Had this problem not been resolved, a lot of insureds would have seen some significant health care cost increases beginning last Friday.

We've been informed (via email) that the parties have reached an amicable agreement, and there was nary a burp in services. Thanks to our friends at the Industry Radar, here's the official news.

On a sadder (maybe) note, it appears that the American Community Mutual Insurance Company has hit the skids. According to email from a reliable source, the carrier has entered into a consent agreement with the Ohio Department of Insurance. Under the terms of the agreement, no new business has been accepted from Ohio beginning December 23rd. This affects both group and individual new business; existing policyholders aren't necessarily affected. Of course, the ability to generate income from new business affects renewal rates for current policyholders; look for some major increases in the near term.

[Hat Tip: Cornerstone]
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