Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Winger Disses MassCare and Obamacare

President Present has cut a new commercial, ostensibly to help Martha Coakley retain the vacant "Massachusettes" (sorry, but that's how she spells it) senate seat for her party. One of the issues he addresses is, of course, ObamaCare, and how Ms Coakley represents a key vote for its enactment.

Oh, that "winger?" I meant "lifelong Democrat." Posted in the comments section of that Politico story is this little gem:

"I am a lifelong Democrat that will vote for Brown on Tuesday. My main reason is the universal health care plan that is said to be similar to the Massachusetts plan. Under Massachusetts universal health care, I have seen my care and that of my adult children decline during the past year. My daugher has a serious chronic condition and must wait 6 months to see a specialist - she never had to wait more than 4 weeks before the universal health care plan. I have seen my own insurance premiums go up nearly 50%. My son has been assigned a primary care physician who is located three towns away from where he lives and who has a backlog of several weeks. I don't like the plan working through the Congress because there are too many mandates and I believe the cost will be prohibitive. I also believe it analogous to the Mass plan that has given my family poor and deteriorating service. I believe that the federal plan should go back to the drawing board. There should be no denial of coverage because of pre-existing conditions, but there should be fewer other mandates and no one should be mandated to have health insurance. I also think that there is much too much new spending by the federal government. New initiatives used to cost millions, then billions, and now trillions. I don't believe these initiatives are well planned nor efficient. I voted for President Obama -- I thought he was more centrist than he seems to be now. I will be voting for Brown precisely for the reasons that the President outlines as the reasons to vote for Coakley. I am not alone among Democrats in Massachusetts who will vote for Brown -- that is why the polls are so close in this election. - Ben from Boston"

Now, can we guarantee with 100% credibility that "Ben" really is a "lifelong Democrat," or that he even really exists? Nope.

But he's certainly more credible than, say, Jonathan Gruber.
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