Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oy Canada - Early December Edition

One of the most significant problems with gummint-run health care is that, just as with most things the government touches, red tape and stringent rules often lead to broken - or at least in this case damaged - hearts:

"An elderly woman with a cane and a heart condition was told to bring her husband into a Nova Scotia hospital on her own or call 911 after he suffered a heart attack 10 metres [32 feet] from the facility's front door"

Not only did the hospital turn her away, they told her that they'd only treat hubby if he arrived by ambulance, for which she'd be charged. But of course, Canadian health care is free, right?

In fairness, my experience with American hospitals is that those arriving by ambulance are almost always bumped ahead of those who arrive by private transport; still, requiring such seems a bit Big Brotherish.

Just another example of what we may be in for.
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