Tuesday, December 01, 2009

MVNHS©: Another Bubble Burst

Here at IB, we refer to the Brits' health care scheme as the Much Vaunted National Health Service (MVNHS©), and for good reason: time and again, our Cousins Across the Pond have demonstrated that their health care delivery and finance system is deeply flawed. Yet, there are folks here in the States that would emulate this disaster, at the expense of our own system. One of the metrics often touted by pro-national health care advocates is how much better care is in, for example, England than here.

Unfortunately (well, for them), this just isn't true. Case in point:

"More than nine out of 10 NHS trusts in England are failing to provide a good standard of cancer care compared with other countries, official figures show."

As we've shown before, our own citizens' cancer survival rates are second to none.

The other problem is that the MVNHS© hasn't been effective in reining in costs, either:

"Since Labour came to power, the NHS budget has tripled"

So they're spending more, and getting less.

Sound familiar?
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