Monday, December 07, 2009

More (Un?)Intended Consequences

One of the major problems we'll likely face if a national health care scheme is adopted is a shortage of primary care docs. Actually, we already face such a shortage, but ObamaCare threatens to exacerbate and extend it:

"... the bill may exacerbate the difficulty some Americans already have in finding a doctor ... Even without an insurance expansion, the American Medical Association estimates the country will be short 85,000 doctors in primary care, cardiology, oncology and general surgery by 2020."

For right-brainers:

When the demand for services (i.e. tens of millions of newly insured folks, using primarily someone else's money) increases, if the supply (health care providers) doesn't match, then you're going to have shortages. Pretty simple economics.

Wonder if anyone in DC ever studied that?
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