Wednesday, December 09, 2009

More "Fannie Med" Health Insurance Tricks

Earlier this year, Bob introduced us to "Fannie Med" insurance; that is "parallels between the mortgage meltdown and health care reform." It was an apt comparison then, and is even more so now; as Ace o'Spades co-blogger Gabriel Malor points out, this morning's news that Doc Reid's idea to scuttle the so-called "Public Option" is really just a ruse to morph it more quickly into a single-payer scheme. He makes the point that the "massive expansion" of Medicare and Medicaid eligibility is, in fact, the much vaunted (by some) "Medicare Part E" (where "E' means "everyone"). The goal is to end up with a system that, while appearing to be based on private enterprise, is in reality well under government's command and control.

One of his fellow co-bloggers then asks if we know of "any other "tightly regulated nation-wide nonprofits which are technically private-owned, but akin to publicly-regulated utilities?" And, of course, he supplies the answer: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. What's so fascinating about this is that it's such a transparent attempt to hijack 1/6 of the economy, putting it under government control. Given that Social Security, another government program to help us take care of ourselves, has just marked half a year in the red, what possible evidence could there be that a national health care scheme would fare any better?

The reality, based on actual experience, is that Mae and Mac, Social Security and Medicare offer ample proof that the government is not the answer; it is, in fact, the biggest part of the problem.
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