Friday, December 18, 2009

Helpful iCarrier Trick

Nationwide Insurance has joined the ranks of carriers embracing smartphone tech. Specifically, they've developed a new iPhone app to help folks out car-shopping (and there are, apparently, a few doing just that). According to an email we received, the carrier has rolled out "Cartopia, a free new app for iPhone that will make shopping for a car easier." It includes "a wide variety of 3rd party info about cars they are considering - right there on the dealer's lot."

One of the features looks like "CarFax" (and maybe it is), because it allows a potential customer to find out if that shiny little convertible rode out Katrina in downtown NoLo. Perhaps best of all, the app is free (and available here). Currently, it's for the iPhone (and iTouch); BlackBerry and Treo users should probably the Ohio-based insurance behemoth a note requesting that it be ported to these devices, as well.
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