Friday, December 18, 2009

COBRA/ARRA Update: Pre-Christmas Edition

Lost amid the ruckus that is health care "reform" is news is that the House has passed an extension for the so-called COBRA subsidy, from the original 9 months to 15. In typical, unfathomable congresscritter fashion, this change was actually part of the Defense Appropriations bill.

Go figure.

The measure now goes to the upper chamber, where one presumes it will pass (seeing as how our troops, if not the funemployed, are counting on it), and then on to the president for signing.

Some features of the extension include eligibility for folks who exhausted their original 9 months of the subsidy, as well as expanding eligibility to those whose involuntary employment terminations take place on (or before) February 28th of next year.

[Hat Tip: Ceridian Benefits]
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