Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Careful What You Wish For: Breast cancer Edition

Earlier this year, my better half's mammogram showed an irregularity. Because we've been spared, thus far, from having to live under ObamaCare, she's had relatively easy access to this critical care, and was quickly referred to a specialist who determined that all was fine.

Of course, we were greatly relieved to learn that there was no problem, after all, but how would that have played out under ObamaCare?

Fortunately (for us), we can see quite clearly how she most likely would have fared:

"Women are still waiting months to find out whether they have breast cancer, the Government figure in charge of tackling the disease admitted ... any woman with signs of breast cancer would be seen by a specialist within two weeks by 2008.

The deadline was later extended to the end of 2009 but the cancer czar has admitted the NHS will still fail to hit the target

Since the MVNHS© represents a model upon which our glorious new system would be built, such a dire shortage of care should send shivers up and down the spines of women (and those who love them). Early detection is key to successful treatment of theis terrible disease, which kills some 40,000 women here each year. And that's with our current regimen - how many more will die if we go the route of our Cousins Across the Pond?

Well, we can get at least a partial answer to that, one which also puts the lie to those who think nationalized health care systems are superior to our own:

"Around 45,000 women develop breast cancer every single year, and survival rates are lower than in comparable Western European countries - largely because the UK is so bad at spotting signs of cancer early."

'Nuff said?
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