Monday, November 30, 2009

Turnabout as Fair Play: Guest Blogging Elsewhere [UPDATED]

Over the years, we've had the privilege of some really terrific guest bloggers. Recently, I was asked by John Power, of the Insurance And Annuities blog, to pen an essay on the recent collapse of Penn-Treaty, and how it affects my fellow Buckeyes.

PT wasn't exactly a major player in the Ohio Long Term Care insurance market, but this case illustrates the value of state guaranty funds. If you're interested, click here to see the post.

UPDATE: Got this in email from the LifeHappens folks:

"Even as the average annual cost of a home health aide now tops more than $40,000 and private nursing home care is approaching an average cost of $75,000 a year, a new survey by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation finds nine out of 10 Americans do not have a realistic plan to pay for these expenses."

Those are some pretty hefty numbers; if you're curious about how much LTC runs in your neck of the woods, you can click here for their cost estimator tool.
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