Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joe W was Right!

When Rep Joe Wilson (R-SC) called out PresBo regarding coverage for illegal aliens, he was castigated for his breach of etiquette. While that may or may not have been correct, the substance of his brief critique was apparently spot on:

"H.R. 3962 would deliberately permit illegal aliens to participate in the government health insurance exchange and in the public option insurance program."

In the current parlance, those pushing to "reform" our system consider this a feature, not a bug. The bill actually goes further than just rewarding folks who illegally enter our country, it encourages them to do so:

"All illegal immigrant women who do not have private health insurance and who give birth inside the United States will have the full cost of childbirth paid by the U.S. taxpayers."

And they'll not be required to repay thee and me, ever. Contrast this to how we "reward" seniors who need long term care: first, they must "spend down" their life's savings in order to become eligible for Medicaid. After they pass away, the state then takes their remaining assets in order to repay itself (or, rather, the taxpayer) for having done so.

In short, ObamaCare would treat those who are here illegally far better than our legal seniors. What's wrong with this picture?
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