Monday, November 23, 2009

Helpful Carrier Trick: Aetna Edition

Starting next year, Aetna insureds will have access to a new, and potentially very useful, online tool. SmartSource connects an insured's "profile" (sex, age, any medical issues, etc) with a search engine that will kick out:

■ Local doctors and specialists who participate in the user’s Aetna health plan
■ Medications and treatment options
■ Estimated health care costs
■ Aetna programs and discounts associated with the health topic
■ Easy-to-understand health information and articles

And if that's not cool enough, how about their new HealthMap feature, a "visual guide to the member's search topics helps them see the full spectrum of their health topic (i.e. symptoms, tests, treatments, costs, prevention steps) in an easy-to-grasp graphic format."

Now, how soon until they connect the iTriage app to this?
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