Wednesday, November 04, 2009

From the Hot Stove League . . .

Late last week, God summoned Casey Stengel to his office. Casey (God said) I'd like to see a baseball game in Heaven. Don't we have enough old players to field a team? So let it be written, so let it be done!

Casey went back to his cubicle, his head spinning. Mantle! DiMaggio! Grove! Mathewson! Gehrig! Ruth! Hornsby! Sisler! . . . wow! (Casey said). What a team I'll have in Heaven!!

Casey decided on his lineup in no time. Then he called Satan to set up a game. But Satan seemed unsure. I dunno, Case (Satan said), do you really want to play us?

Why sure (Stengel said). Satan, I think you're afraid of us because we've got all the ball players.

Well (Satan said) maybe so, Case, maybe you do have all the players - but remember, I've got all the umpires.

. . . .

And so friends, that's why private enterprise such as insurance companies cannot compete against a "public plan". Because the government has all the umpires.
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