Monday, November 30, 2009

AIDS/HIV Patients Denied Access to Health Care

AIDS/HIV patients are being denied access to health care under a government run public health plan.

Government regulations prohibit treatment for AIDS and HIV.

This is happening in Jarkarta, but who say's it won't happen here?

Putra, not his real name, said that if a person admitted he had HIV/AIDS, no insurance company, especially government-insurance schemes including Askes and Jamkesnas, would cover their health care costs.

"What should I say to get my health care covered by insurance? Putra asked.

Ida Ayu Miswahirati, head of the hospital's health care section, admitted that the majority of insurance companies did not cover health costs for people living with HIV/AIDS. She advised patients to mention health complications caused by HIV/AIDS such as Tuberculosis and other infections.

"This is one of the challenging problems in the Indonesian health care system, which does not include health schemes for people with HIV/AIDS," she explained.

Rationed health care under a government run plan. Who would have imagined?
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