Monday, October 05, 2009

Paying for Women's Prostate Exam

Some groups feel women as a class are discriminated against by insurance companies and they want that to stop. In the past, women's groups have taken on auto insurance carriers but have not succeeded in changing the rating system for women vs. males.

Now they want to tackle the health insurance side as part of health care reform.
a ban on insurance companies charging women more for the same policies as men to a requirement that companies provide maternity coverage as part of their basic plans, advocates say the provisions would correct longstanding inequities and offer more coverage to women at lower costs.
In other words, these women want the carriers to charge them less for health insurance than they do now but at the same time provide maternity coverage, not as an option, but "built in" to the plan.

I suppose they never studied basic finance in school. What intelligent individual truly expects to get more coverage for less money?
But women's health advocates say issues such as maternity coverage and fair pricing affect far more women, who have received inadequate care and coverage for too long.
Define "fair pricing".

From a purely male perspective, is it fair to charge me more for health insurance to cover things like a pap smear and maternity just to satisfy a group of women who are protesting premium differentials? How many of them will be willing to pay for a digital prostate exam as part of their health insurance coverage?

This health care reform is getting out of hand. If all the suggested changes pass, you will need to take out a loan to pay your tax bill and health insurance premium.
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