Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Praiseworthy Carrier Trick [UPDATED AND BUMPED!]

[Please scroll down for update. HGS]
In light of Obamistration efforts to quell dissent, it's refreshing to see a carrier willing to go to bat for its insureds. It's particularly compelling, because the price its paid is an official investigation by CMS:
"Scare tactics."
Apparently, that's the new way of saying "repeat what the politicos have explicitly claimed:" that Medicare Advantage plans are to be shut down. Of course, this also puts the lie to the notion that we'll be able "to keep the insurance we now have."
Major kudos to Humana.
[Hat Tip: Kalebasveggie]
UPDATE: It appears that CMS may have overreached:
Turns out, the bureauweenies at the agency tasked with Medicare oversight had no such compunctions about, for example, AARP's very vocal, very public support of cuts in Medicare funding (and, of course, ObamaCare in general). Certainly that was advocacy, yet drew no reproach. The Representative from Michigan rather decisively points out that "when health care plans try to share that information with their enrollees, the Administration slaps a gag order on them."
Or, to put it a bit less elegantly, "shut up, they explained."
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