Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Arrogant Government Tricks

Are you stupid? Illiterate? Uneducated?
Sen John Kerry thinks you are:
To be fair, he's not alone; the Party in Power© doesn't want you to see the final version of ObamaCare before it's voted on. Apparently, the PiP© thinks it will be too confusing for us rubes in flyover country to comprehend (despite the fact that we managed to muddle through the House version).
Republicans on the committee attempted to add a simple amendment: to require a 72 hour opportunity for us lowly citizens to attempt, in our feeble-minded way, to comprehend the legalistic and legislative brilliance they've been toiling over.
The PiP© was having none of that:
The most important and far-reaching legislation in generations, and a delay of a few weeks would mean, what, exactly? If it was so darned urgent, why didn't they tackle this first, instead of the other boondoggles? They certainly had the votes, so why wasn't it urgent then, but it is urgent now? What's changed?
Maybe the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans want no part of this?
"Shut up," they explained.
[Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin]
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