Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Anyone presume to criticize the Great Ob?

Lo, the Great and Powerful Ob has spoken.

And he said, "PAY NO ATTENTION to that public plan behind the curtain."

Oh sure, he said more than that in his brief hour upon the stage (and said it very skillfully). But the other stuff he said mainly served to spread smoke around the room in an attempt to cover up the main issue that the curtain concealed. That main issue is single-payer for all. The main issue for the administration is not, as the Great and Powerful Ob suggests, coverage of the uninsured. If coverage of the uninsured were the issue, it could be addressed without all the other government apparatus in House Bill HR3200. Or if affordable insurance were the issue, it could be addressed by tackling the cost of medical care, instead of remaining stuck on the cost of insurance. Besides, we know for certain from statements made by Democrat leadership over the years - right up to the present time and including the Great and Powerful Ob himself - that the public plan is a deliberate and strategic step toward the ultimate goal of single payer.

So there is a clear choice before us:

To obey the Great and Powerful Ob and ignore the public plan that is behind the curtain.

Or not.

(I may have more to say on the speech, over the next few days. Or not.)
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