Monday, July 06, 2009

That Dirty, Dirty MVNHS©

Bill's chronicled the "sanitation problems" of Brits' hospital facilities before, but we like to keep our readers up-to-date on that system's chronic problem with filth.
Seems that Tereza Tosbell, a seasoned housekeeper herself, found herself "in hospital" recently:
Well, we've certainly banged the "personal responsibility" drum quite often here at IB, but we never quite thought that it should extend to cleaning one's own hospital room. One would think that, after cleaning for over an hour, the staff might at least offer to lend a hand.
One would be wrong:
"The nurses and other staff saw what I was doing but just left me to get on with it."
Certainly, though, this was but an isolated incident, right?
"The Patients' Association yesterday said what Miss Tosbell had experienced was 'nothing unusual'."
What may be even scarier, at least for the patients, is that, in a recent review, this hospital "scored maximum marks for safety and cleanliness."
Quick, let's have a nationalized system here!
That, and government-provided Swiffers all around.
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