Thursday, July 23, 2009


From my father's blog...
In an effort to revive public approval of his Health Care Plan, and to reassure the American people that they would continue to receive prompt, quality health care, President Obama announced that he was recruiting senior executives from inside government departments. Their experience, he announced, should silence all criticism of the way Obamacare would be managed and should reassure the American people that he had their best interests at heart.

He announced a nine (9) person Management Committee with complete oversight of America’s entire health programs including medical personnel (doctors, nurses and technicians), medical and nursing schools, medications (legal and illegal), hospitals, nursing homes and cemeteries, medical devices and medical manuals and books.

The nine (9) person Committee would be appointed by him - three (3) from the Board of Directors of Amtrack, three (3) from the Management of the Postal Service, and three (3) from FEMA, all of whom will have had experience with the Katrina rescue mission. "I hope to have a racially diverse group and a gender neutral group (although, unless we use a transgender cross-dresser, it may be difficult to divide two sexes into a nine member Board.) If I have trouble on selecting these members, ACORN has promised to help and their reputation is unblemished, almost."

"The outstanding way these departments have performed over the years should give rest to any rumors that I will not appoint experienced executives to run 1/6th of the American economy. Their background cannot be matched by any Board of Directors of any corporation or labor union in the country, no matter what the industry."

Yes, he made that up. I hope.
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