Monday, June 29, 2009

Sold Out Seniors

AARP's underhanded tactics are not news to regular readers of IB, but this takes the cake:
"Gee, that's a nice store ya got there, pal, be a shame if anything happened to it."
Of course, this is merely politics as usual in DC, but it's fascinating (albeit disappointing) to see what's supposed to be the advocacy group for seniors making such (un)veiled threats. At stake, of course, is AARP's reputation as king-maker, able to wield its powerful sword (tens of millions of seniors' votes) to get its way, even at the cost of the very lives of those they ostensibly represent.
Think that's a tad dramatic?
No, it isn't:
That's the view of the British health care system (known here as the MVNHS©). And it's definitely the view of The One:
And in case it's not obvious to the casual observer, his very next statement concerned his grandmother. This ain't rocket surgery: he's explicitly proposing to limit care to the elderly.
One would think that might have caught AARP's attention, but it's apparently a lot more interested in scoring political points than saving the lives of its constituency.
Of course, one would be wrong.
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