Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Regarding Henry . . . [UPDATED]

My co-blogger and founder of InsureBlog is having issues logging in to Blogger and his Gmail account. Even though he pays me nothing for my contributions, I agreed to help him.

After spending half an hour or more on the phone with him, trying to find a way to communicate with Blogger/Gmail (other than his Gmail account which is not accessible) he asked me to post his plea in hopes that someone could offer some help.

Until that happens readers will have to put up with me.

Here is Hank's request.

Help! I can't log into my Blogger account. I've tried literally everything they've suggested on every help page I could find. It's tied to a gmail address which has also locked me out, so I can't sign in to that, either.

The recover password info they've sent has not worked; it was sent to alternate email address, but didn't help me sign-in.

Does anyone have a way to contact Blogger directly to help me get this resolved. I'm at wit's end (not exactly a long haul, granted).

Thank you!!

UPDATE [HGS]: WooHoo! Thanks to the tech folks at Gmail and Blogger, I'm back in business. It appears (based on issues I'm having with some other email accounts) that one or more of my email accounts have been compromised, and I'm trying to whack-a-mole on those. Thanks to Bob for all his help and for posting this missive.
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