Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Found Your Stimulus check

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Washington wants to run health care, just like they are handling the economy.

Got your stimulus check? If not, maybe it went to a dead person.

Millions of American's listed on the Social Security rolls got stimulus checks for $250 . . . like that is going to do much good. Millions, including Anne Arundel. A woman who died 43 years ago.
Social Security representatives said there is a good explanation. Of the about 52 million checks that have been mailed out, about 10,000 of those have been sent to people who are deceased.

The agency blames the error on the strict mid-June deadline of mailing out all of the checks, which didn't leave officials much time to clean up all of their records.
That's their idea of a "good explanation"?
Agents ask that people return the check if they receive it.
I wonder how many of the deceased left a forwarding address?
Social Security officials said they aren't expecting to lose too much money to fraud. They're reminding the public that it's a federal offense to cash someone else's Social Security check.
So what are they going to do? Arrest a dead person?

And this is the same government you want to trust with your health care?
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