Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sen Kennedy: Good News and Bad News

First the good news: Sen Kennedy's brain cancer appears to be in remission. Regardless of how one views his politics (let alone lifestyle), it's always a blessing when folks are able to beat back their illness.
Now the bad: Under the health care plan that Sen Kennedy and his colleagues would impose on us, such an outcome would be unlikely. That's because the centerpiece of their party's plan is the use of cost/benefit analyses, which bodes ill for the sickest among us.
As we've seen time and again, those most at risk in such a system are the ones least likely to be approved for treatment. Of course, if the idea is to ration health care, this makes sense; if you're dying, there's probably no real incentive to bother getting out to vote.
Something to consider if you're leaning toward supporting such a scheme.
[Hat Tip: RedState]
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