Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Windy City Treat: Connecting the Dots

Back in the day (well, a few short months ago, really), the University of Chicago Medical Center undertook to reduce its exposure to the costs associated with treating the uninsured. In particular, the neighborhood in which the Center was located, which boasted a particularly high percentage of these folks. Curiously, they also happened to be predominantly poor. And did I mention, black?
Now, one might suppose that this would have resulted in a hew and cry from that community's leadership, which also happened to share some of those demographics. After all, if you're a hospital turning away black people, one would think there was a problem, no?
As it turns out, one would be wrong:
For those in the dark on this, Ms Obama's other job is currently First Lady. Interesting also is the involvement of David Axelrod, currently serving as Senior Advisor to President Obama. His PR firm was given the task of "selling" the program, dubbed the "Urban Health Initiative" to the public and in particular, the folks who live in the neighborhood surrounding the UCMC.
Does anyone else see a disconnect between the stated goals of the new administration (more access, better care) and a program designed to save a particular hospital money by turning away those most in need?
Maybe it's just me.
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