Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Health News: Mid March Edition

First up, good news for cancer patients:
And why, you may be asking, is this good news?
Because all of those cancer patients taking part in the trial "will have the option to continue taking Sutent or be switched from placebo to Sutent." One presumes that those on the placebo will opt for the "real thing," but I wonder if any of the patients experienced the "placebo effect."
Next up, good news for those who worry about suffering from Alzheimer's (or are concerned about loved ones who might):
This new test looks at the proteins in one's spinal fluid; these proteins are believed to be an indicator of Alzheimer's. The test itself was shown to be effective in almost 9 cases out of 10, accurately "predicting which patients with early memory problems and other symptoms of cognitive impairment would eventually be diagnosed with Alzheimer's."
Of course, any good news in this area is welcome, but it's important to remember that this is a predictor, not a cure.
Third, FoIB Holly Robinson emailed this link announcing some good news about ovarian cancer screenings. This dread disease is considered quite treatable if caught in the early stages, but only about 25% of these invasive cancers are detected then. A new study seems to show much promise, claiming that "postmenopausal women who are screened for ovarian cancer either by transvaginal ultrasound scan or by a blood test followed by a scan are more likely to have their cancers detected at early stages, with almost half the cancers picked up before they had spread beyond the pelvis."
So, ladies, get those screenings!
Finally, Fox News reports that there's good news for folks suffering from certain food allergies:

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