Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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Insurance giant Aetna released a report which is a poor reflection on our ability as agents to get the word out.

With unemployment exceeding 8%, thousands are finding themselves out of work and (apparently) no clue about their health insurance options.
The survey found that 69 percent of consumers had never heard of individual health insurance plans or did not know much about them. While general awareness of COBRA plans was higher, 38 percent of respondents said they expected to pay the same premiums as when they were employed.
Some of the blame can lie at the feet of employers who rarely do enough to educate their workforce on the value of health insurance benefits. But I find it almost incredulous that 69% have never heard of individual insurance plans.

My initial reaction is, you're kidding, right?

Forget that I get regular calls from people complaining that their employer health insurance deductions for their family of 9 is increasing from $15 per week to $20 per week and saying they need something cheaper. Or the calls from those with sticker shock who got their COBRA notice, and the $1400 monthly price tag, and wondering what they can pick up that will cover their 13 monthly medications.

But to have never HEARD of individual health insurance?

Of course recent changes in COBRA as amended by ARRA will reduce the monthly outlay for many. But even paying 35% of the premium for family coverage when you don't have a paycheck can be a bite.

Have we created a nanny state?
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