Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wasteful Government Tricks

You just can not make this up:
And just what is his (ostensible) job?
Why, he's the "director of investigations for the Insurance Fund." To hear Mr H tell it, he's not allowed to actually investigate anything, though, because he had sued the state for discrimination. Although that suit has long-since been settled, this Investigator-without-Portfolio has been idled, forced to spend long, lonely days staring out the window, perhaps contemplating life "on the outside."
By my reckoning, that amounts to over $50 an hour to twiddle his thumbs, all on the taxpayer's dime. Nice work if you can get it.
And just what is the State Insurance Fund actually for? Glad you asked:
"It exists to provide workers' compensation and disability policies as an insurer of last resort to 190,000 employers statewide."
Hmm. I wonder if Julie knows about this.
The crux of the matter seems to be that Mr Hinton believes that he's being discriminated against for having had the gall to sue a GOP-led administration. This falls apart, of course, since Democratic Governor and Man-About-Town Eliot Spitzer elected to continue the charade.
Meantime, New York taxpayers continue to fork over almost $8,000 a month for this gentleman to, well, you know.
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