Friday, February 06, 2009

Hiding in Plain Site

The nationalized health care folks have found renewed energy and legitimacy in the latest iteration of the Trojan Horse known as SCHIP:
Of course, this is merely the logical result of an effort to push more folks out of the private sector and into the gummint trough. There are a myriad of commercial alternatives for children (very few of whom are uninsurable), but that just won't do. Rather, the NatHealth folks see an historic opportunity to expand gummint-sponsored and -run health care schemes, forcing our children into substandard care.
Of course, our friends at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are all for it; after all, it serves to legitimize their own view of health care finance and delivery. And of further course, the National Academy of State Health Policy (whose board consists primarily of beareaucrats and educators, with no evidence of input from the private sector, let alone the insurance industry) is all for this, since it represents more money for state governments.
What's so appalling to me is that we've come to a point where the NatHealth folks aren't even trying to hide or disguise their agenda.
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