Monday, February 16, 2009

Asking the Wrong Questions

If you ask the wrong question, you will never get a right answer.

Roland Burris, newly appointed to the U. S. Senate to fill the vacancy of Barack Obama was repeatedly asked if Governor Rod Blagojevich had solicited donations or any form of remuneration in exchange for the appointment.

According to testimony, and news conferences, the answer was emphatically "no".

Now comes word that, while it is apparently true that Gov. Rod Blagojevich did not ask for money, his brother, Rob Blagojevich DID ask for money in the form of campaign contributions.

So if you ask the wrong questions, you will never get the answer you really want.

Same is true when shopping for insurance.

If you ask the wrong questions, you will never get the right answer.

"Are prescription drugs included in this plan?"

"You will receive a discount on medications equal to the lowest price negotiated by the carrier."

Note: Receiving a discount is not the same as covering the drugs as part of the major medical. Your discounted price for Abilify will be $450 but the carrier will never actually pay for the drug.

"Is my blood pressure medication covered under this plan?"

"There is a rider for blood pressure medication but you may still receive the discounted price"

Note: Many people will dismiss this as insignificant since many BP meds are available in generic form for $4. Most, but not all, riders exclude coverage not only for the named medical condition but anything that could be related to high blood pressure. This means, no coverage for heart attack, stroke, renal failure. However there are some riders that are not as broad and will only restrict coverage to outpatient treatment of the high blood pressure.

"Is maternity covered?"


Note: Most major medical plans issued in Georgia are required to cover complications of maternity but may not cover normal delivery. Most, but not all, plans covering females of child-bearing age require an extra premium to cover normal delivery. Most, but not all plans have waiting periods of up to 12 months before maternity is covered. And just what are complications? It varies by carrier. Even if you have maternity coverage, once the pregnancy becomes "complicated" you start a new deductible and most people do not know that.


Because they asked the wrong questions.
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