Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things Your Provider May Not Be Telling You

Does your doc tell you about health insurance? Does he or she inform you of different plans available to you?

If not, things may be changing soon.

If legislators in New Jersey get their way, you may not be able to leave your providers office without getting a pitch for health insurance.

Assembly Bill 3488 would require all licensed kennels, pet shops, shelters, pounds and anyone in the business of selling pets to provide written notice to customers regarding the availability of pet health insurance offered in New Jersey.

OK. I took some liberties in introducing this story, so get over it.

For certain, pet care can be expensive. Even beyond the routine immunizations, check ups, shampoo and nail trimming you can also get into canine dental work.

A "routine" cleaning can run $400 or so.

Who knew?

If this passes, when you purchase a pet you might hear "would you like health insurance with your dog?".

Another bill introduced in the state would increase fines to pet stores that violated certain laws and regulations, such as licensing requirement. Current penalties range from $5 to $50; the proposed penalties would range from $100 to $1,000.

According to the bill, the purpose of the measure is to “enhance the power of the state and its municipalities to enforce certain laws regulating the treatment of animals.”

Are we legislating stiffer requirements for pets than humans?

Sounds that way.

Apparently the N.J. legislators have a lot of time on their hands. Why don't they do something really important like finding Jimmy Hoffa.
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