Thursday, January 08, 2009

Split Personality

I have a confession to make.

I have a split personality.

No, not the psychological disorder, but let's just say I am multi-faceted. In addition to my indentured servitude here on InsureBlog, I really do have another life.

I am a full time health insurance broker in Atlanta (technically, Sandy Springs) specializing in health insurance for individuals and small businesses.

In addition to InsureBlog, I post on my own site at Health Insurance 411. If you check the stats, H I 411 has about 100 posts while InsureBlog over 10,000 (or something like that).

InsureBlog focuses mostly on health insurance, particularly as it relates in a "big picture" kind of way.

H I 411 is/will be focused more on issues as it relates to individuals and small businesses located in Georgia.

I will continue to be the insurance curmudgeon on InsureBlog that many have come to know and despise, but will also be reviving my interest in H I 411 by addressing local issues, particularly as they relate to my client base in Georgia.

Hank has garnered thousands of regular readers from around the world through his quality work here at InsureBlog but I am putting him on notice. I fully expect to draw untold numbers of regular readers to H I 411 over the next few months.

As my wife said not to long ago, "Does anyone other than you & Hank actually read that stuff?".

Well my dear, we will see. And, thanks for the vote of confidence.

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