Monday, January 12, 2009

Not tonight Honey, I have a 339.82

[Welcome LGF readers!]
[Another timely update from our Favorite MOM (Medical Office Manager), Kelley Beloff, MSW, CMM]
I recently attended one of my yearly Medicare updates. This one focused on changes in the coding for medical conditions in the medical field, known as ICD-9s.
Women around the world have now been vindicated by the world’s medical association. There is a new ICD-9 for this year, code 339.82: Headache associated with sexual activity. As a woman -- and for my long suffering sisters -- it is about time that the medical field recognized the condition of how the thought of sexual activity can bring on a headache. So, as a service to the many readers of Insure Blog, I felt it necessary to report this breaking news on the medical front.
Yes, Virginia, the headache is real.
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