Thursday, January 01, 2009

Blessed Event or Lucky Break: A New Year's Conundrum

[Editor's note: this post is not about abortion, per se, so please refrain from comments pro and con re: abortion rights]
First, Mazel Tov to British couple Gaynor and Lee Purdy on the birth of their son, Kai.
This was not necessarily a certainty:
As the parent of two beautiful and healthy daughters, I can only guess at the fear and trepidation felt by the Purdy's as they faced this potentially disastrous outcome. Their doctors repeatedly urged them to abort the baby, which wasn't expected to survive more than a few months anyway.
And yet.
Kai was born a month and a half prematurely, and one side of his heart is somewhat enlarged (corrective surgery is anticipated). Still, he was discharged "from hospital" six weeks after birth, or about the time he would have been "discharged" naturally.
Now, we have the luxury of playing Monday morning quarterback, but I'm curious: in this incredible roll of the dice, and not knowing the outcome as we do now, did the Purdy's make the right choice?
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