Monday, January 19, 2009

Back in the Pool

Last fall, we took a look at the North Carolina high-risk insurance pool. And tomorrow, of course, heralds a new day in Washington, where health care delivery and financing will take on new urgency.
So it seems rather timely that the National Association of State High Risk Insurance Pools (NASCHIP) has released their comprehensive report on state high risk insurance pools, and how these mechanisms may play a vital role in both state and federal reform efforts.
The report itself is available here.
According to Noah Rouen, Vice President for Accounts, "(t)he paper is particularly timely as Congress and the Obama administration seek to add coverage for millions of Americans. You may recall that Sen. McCain had proposed expansion of state high risk insurance pools as a cornerstone of his reform proposal."
Of course, we had our own take on Senator McCain's dubious proposal.
Nevertheless, the NASHIP report makes compelling reading, and underscores how important it is to address the problems facing our health care system on a state-by-state basis before overhauling it on a national level.
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