Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 Feet Tall and Bulletproof

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OK, maybe not 10 feet tall, but still bulletproof.

So, let's say you want to protect your health.

You can eat right, get plenty of exercise, maybe even take vitamin supplements and wear bulletproof clothing.

Barack Obama had more than the Presidential 'beast' limo taking care of his safety yesterday.

According to some reports, he wore a suit made by a clothier specializing in bullet-resistant clothing during the inauguration ceremonies.

Of course the Secret Service isn't commenting one way or the other.

So how much would something like this cost if you decided you just can't live without it in your wardrobe?

Caballero is well known for his super tough but flexible and business appropriate clothing, such as the $7,500 polo shirt that can stop a shot from a 9-mm revolver.

Wonder if this is wash and wear or dry clean only?
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