Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally "Getting It"

Looks like health care consumers are finally getting it.

They are no longer willing to pay more for first dollar benefits. They are willing to abandon copay's and lower deductibles in exchange for no frills "bare bones" plans. (Shameless plug).

Only 19 percent of employees surveyed this year were willing to opt for higher premiums, compared with 38 percent last year.

That is a seismic shift.

But with this change to more personal responsibility comes good and bad.

The study also found that 66 percent of workers took steps to improve their personal care, up from 61 percent in 2007. However, 17 percent skipped a doctor's visit this year to save costs, and an equal percentage failed to fill a prescription or passed on medicine for the same reason.

I don't survey my clients to see who is "skimping" on care and who isn't. I do know that all of them are pleased with saving as much as 50% on premiums with no noticeable loss of coverage.
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