Saturday, December 27, 2008

Alternative Health Care

Folks in Canada (and many other countries as well) have free health care. So why would they have a need for an alternative?

Timely Medical Alternatives is a firm that arranges private medical care for Canadians.

Why does TMA exist?

Timely Medical Alternatives is able to expedite most types of private medical services from diagnostics to virtually all types of surgery, including procedures not available within the Canadian healthcare system. Wait times for our clients are measured in days rather than in months or years.

How long will I have to wait for services under the Canadian system?

Private Health Care is increasing in demand across Canada more than ever before. The public health care system in Canada has a waitlist in every province and surgery dates are often cancelled or bumped due to a more urgent case arising or a shortage of beds being available.

Click on a Province to view waitlist numbers and options for private medical care in that area.

Will I get in trouble for using a private system?

Inmates in Federal prisons and politicians (among others) routinely jump the queue and we agree that this practice is outrageous. Jumping the queue occurs when convicted criminals and politicians are given preference over the rest of us.

So there is preferential treatment for inmates & politicians.

I suppose if you can't get elected the next best thing is to get arrested.
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